Why is it just so satisfying to see the dead skin and goop that comes off your body? Those who know the sheer *satisfaction* of Skin Silking know the skin peeling, dirt shedding, impurity busting results of our holy grail exfoliating mitt.

You know those viral posts on Facebook where somebody uses the latest and greatest steam mop and shows the dirty water turn from clear to brown? 

Well this inspired us to create our own deep clean before and after - but for your skin!

Rather than have it disappear down the shower drain, we dunked The Skin Silking Mitt into a bucket of clean water as we exfoliated our entire body to see exactly what the mitt removes - and even WE were shocked at the results!

Check out the truly disgusting, truly satisfying results below...

Activates with warm water
Suitable for sensitive skin
100% Vegan Fibers
Small Australian Business