10 Fake Tanning Hacks That WORK!

Summer is still months away, so many of us are relying on self tanners to boost our complexions from ghostly to glowing!

We have compiled 10 amazing tanning hacks to give you real looking results every time!


1. The Cold Cloth Method

When applying fake tan to your face, the product can often get caught in open pores and come out uneven/patchy. For the perfect face application, run a face cloth under cold water and compress onto the face for 30 seconds. Allow to dry and apply the tan. The cold water closes all of the pores and ensures a much better application.


2. Witch Hazel

In areas that tend to 'catch' tan and go darker/patchy (think elbows, toes, fingers, eyebrows, hairline), use a small amount of Witch Hazel toner on a cotton round. After applying your tan, wipe the solution over these areas to ensure the perfect non-patchy result. 

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3. Look for the secret ingredient...

The most common tanning ingredient is DHA (Dihydroxyacetone). However, there is another tanning ingredient that you should be looking for in the ingredients list. It's called Erythrulose and is actually derived from raspberries.

This ingredient develops after 2-3 days, whereas DHA takes 6-8 hours to develop. The result of these two ingredients working together is a longer-lasting, more even tan. Basically, Erythrulose kicks in when DHA starts to fade. Genius!

Here are a few of our favourite products that contain Erythrulose:

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4. Sleep on silk

Many know the beauty benefits of sleeping on a silk pillow case at night, but they can also prolong your face and décolletage tan due to the low-friction nature of the fabric. 


5. Go Oil Free!

Did you know that oil actually breaks down fake tan? To ensure your body stays bronzed for longer, opt for an oil-free moisturiser and avoid body oils altogether.


6. Baby Powder?

There is nothing worse than waiting for fake tan to dry (we all know the crab walk). Eliminate the sticky feeling instantly by applying a light layer of baby powder to your body after application before slipping into something loose fitting. This also ensures your tan sets evenly and doesn't rub off onto clothing and other surfaces.


7. The First Shower & Pat Dry

Your first shower post application should never be hot! The actives in your tan keep developing for 24 hours after application, so you don't want to scorch the skin. Keep your shower quick and lukewarm, and pat dry the skin very gently with a towel.


8. Avoid 'Dotty Legs'

It is ideal to shave your legs the day before you apply self tan, as the product can make its way into the open pores and develop a 'spotty' effect. However, if you shave just before you tan, run your legs under cold water to close the hair follicles before you apply the tan.


9. Goat's Milk!

Made a mistake or gone WAY too dark? Buy some Goats Milk Soap and lather it on to fade the colour. Goats milk contains lactic acid that breaks down self tan!


10. Prep like a PRO with Skin Silking

One question that we get quite often is "does Skin Silking remove fake tan?" and the answer is YES!

In fact, it is a total game changer when it comes to fake tan removal and creating the perfect canvas for your next application.

So many of our customers have shared that removing old tan is a breeze now they're using our mitt.

Jo says "it's ease at removing fake tan is beyond any other product I know. No more scrubbing!"

Ally claims it is the "best fake tan remover everrrrrr"

Sarah says it is a "must have if you fake tan"

One of the greatest hacks to creating a fake tan that looks real is skin prep. This is absolutely essential, as the tanning active DHA clings to new and old skin cells on the surface. The reason a tan can appear patchy or streaky, is because there are leftover dead skin cells prior to application that the tanning active has 'clung' to.

Great prep also means the tan fades more evenly and slowly, meaning it looks better for longer.

Perfect canvas = perfect tan!


LEFT: The Skin Silking Mitt has rolled away dead skin and the old self tan to reveal new, soft skin beneath.

RIGHT: Application of tan is even and dewy on top of freshly exfoliated skin.


Skin Silking removes tan faster and more effectively than anything else!

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