How to do a full body DETOX

By Jessica Niall, Creator of Skin Silking

I remember the first time I used the Skin Silking Mitt on my body, and after finishing one treatment thinking afterwards "I feel like my skin is breathing for the first time!" - I didn't realise just how much dead skin and build-up I had just sitting on my body. Bare in mind, I was a regular exfoliator (or at least I thought I was!) but this felt completely different.

There are varying levels of exfoliation, some are light and only remove a minimal amount of dead skin and build-up on the surface. Others, such as Skin Silking, are forms of much deeper exfoliation (which you can liken to treatments such as microdermabrasion) that can remove copious amounts of residue from the skin's surface.

This effect is known as 'peeling', whereby layers of dead, dull skin is swept away with oil, dirt, impurities and product build-up. The result? Detoxed, healthy skin that breathes (sometimes for the first time in years!).


The above image shows tiny 'rolls' of dead skin that build up on surface when using the Skin Silking Mitt. These consist of dead skin, oils, product build-up and other impurities that have gathered on the surface over time. The colour of these 'rolls' can range from a grey-ish tone to pale brown.


* Gross but satisfying! * This image shows the residue that can come away after a single Skin Silking treatment. The mitt was rinsed into a basin of water to demonstrate the collections of debris and impurities that are removed from the skin. The water appears 'slick' with oil, which is also likely to be product residue as well as sebum and natural oils produced by the body.


Why detox the skin?

The beauty benefits of deep exfoliation are plenty - the skin is super soft afterwards, and quite literally gleams when the light hits it. It helps to reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs, and fades unwanted marks including acne scars, stretch marks and pigmentation.

However, the actual act of deep exfoliation is performing something quite amazing, and that is skin detoxification.

Our skin is our largest organ of elimination, which means it is constantly working incredibly hard to expel toxins from our body. It is quite literally a passageway that rids our body of chemical and waste build-up. Our polluted environment and the chemical-laden products we apply to our skin add to these toxic levels - modern day life has not been kind to our skin.

Clean pores enable your body to expel this waste efficiently, giving a clear exit for these nasties. Accumulated dead skin, oils, dirt and product residue cause blockages and prevent the skin from functioning properly. 


So how does Skin Silking deeply exfoliate?

Made in Turkey using traditional methods of weaving natural fibres together, the texture of the Skin Silking Mitt is NOTHING like other exfoliating mitts. 

At first it feels super soft, then when wet the mitt stiffens. As it glides up and down on your skin, the woven cross-hatched texture literally 'catches' the dead skin - tiny rolls made up of skin cells, impurities, dirt and oil can be seen building on the surface.

We insisted on using the highest grade fabric possible (there are lower quality versions). This treatment has been performed for centuries in Turkey - they knew a secret that we are only coming to learn.


How to perform the best detox with the Skin Silking Mitt

To ensure the skin experiences the deepest cleanse, follow the instructions below:

  • Start with a hot 5 minute shower
  • Wet the mitt and wring out any excess moisture and put the mitt onto your hand
  • Using firm pressure (but not enough to be uncomfortable) rub the mitt up and down then from side to side (but never in the circles - you want the fabric weave to 'catch' properly). Long, firm strokes are best. Ensure the skin remains damp during your treatment.
  • Once exfoliation begins, you may see tiny rolls of dead skin balling up. Do not wash these off as you go, as allowing them to build up encourages more to come away.
  • Complete the entire body and face in up and down / side to side motions.
  • Rinse thoroughly. Follow with your favourite moisturiser or body oil
  • Make sure following your treatment you drink plenty of water, as your skin might start expelling more sweat than usual in response to sudden elimination.

Repeat once weekly. Hand wash mitt after use with natural soap and hang to dry.

Start your skin detox!

You can purchase The Original Skin Silking Mitt here!

Activates with warm water
Suitable for sensitive skin
100% Vegan Fibers
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