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The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt


The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt
The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt

Our bestseller!

The Skin Silking Mitt is like nothing else you've ever tried before!

At first it feels super soft, then when you wet it the mitt stiffens. As it glides up and down on your skin, the woven texture literally 'catches' dead skin - tiny balls of dead skin and impurities with gather on the skin's surface!

After your first use, what is left is quite literally the most velvet soft and super glowy skin ever.

Made in Turkey using traditional methods of weaving natural fibres together, the texture is NOTHING like other exfoliating mitts. 

We insisted on using the highest grade fabric possible (there are lower quality versions, but this one works the BEST!).

Read the full list of skin benefits here.


Note: It is not recommended to use this mitt on active acne/breakouts, it is important to treat the underlying skin issue first with a professional.

This mitt will easily last you 18 months - a great investment!

We will include in your shipment full instructions on how best to use it, which only takes 10-15 minutes, and can be done once a week.

STEP 1: Prep!

Start with a 5 minute hot shower (or hot bath). This is essential, as it softens the skin and allows for much deeper exfoliation. Turn the shower off, leaving the skin wet.

STEP 2: Start Skin Silking!

Wet the mitt and wring out any excess moisture. Put the mitt onto your hand. Using firm pressure (but not enough to be uncomfortable) rub the mitt up and down then from side to side (but never in the circles). Long, firm strokes are best. Ensure the skin remains damp during your treatment. Once exfoliation begins, you may see tiny rolls of dead skin balling up. Do not wash these off as you go, as allowing them to build up encourages more to come away. Complete the entire body and face in up and down / side to side motions. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with your favourite moisturiser or body oil. Repeat once weekly. Hand wash mitt after use with natural soap and hang to dry.

Our mitts are made from 100% natural fibers and are vegan.

Made in Turkey

Australia (free): 5 business days UK: 12 business days US: 12 business days

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Kirsty P.
Hong Kong


Great item, skin feels great after every use!

Karen P.
Australia Australia

Amazing Mitt

I always used an exfoliating glove when showering so was totally amazed to see how much skin came away when using this Mitt the 1st time & each time since. As someone over 50 it's Amazing what it's done for my chest area & my feet actually look summer ready for the 1st time in 15 years+. Thank you for this Amazing Mitt - I Love It.

Hannah J.
United States United States

Holy grail product

This mitt has done more for my skin than any other product I have ever purchased. That is saying a lot! This product has boosted my confidence and has kicked my skin insecurities to the curb. The owner is absolutely lovely! Her product is legit holy grail status!

Anu K.
Australia Australia

The best $35 I've spent on an exfoliation product.

I've used the Skin silking mitt for 4 months now and my skin feels great. It has a different kind of glow, it's smoother, softer. After having tried the regular over the counter facial scrubs or cleansers, I'd saying nothing matches the results of the skin silking mitt for exfoliation. Worth the investment!

Chloe W.
Australia Australia


It has been great! Doesn't take too long and can definitely notice a difference in the smoothness and appearance of my skin.

Mary O.
Ireland Ireland

Skin Silking Mitt

So disappointed! No better than any exfoliating wash! Such a waste of money. I also noticed that there is no mention in/on the product referring to the improvements that are allegedly added to the original Turkish Mitt...which is much cheaper. In my opinion the reviews were greatly exaggerated as my experience was nothing like what is claimed on the reviews.Will not be recommending this product. Customer Beware

Anneli F.
Sweden Sweden

Very good

It does the job. My skin is much softer. And people hav noticed.

kathy k.
Australia Australia

better if it would fit

better if it would fit the hand like a glove does - it keeps slipping and moving around - so hard to exfoliate so tbh i dont know if it works or not as its too hard to use

Fiona M.
New Zealand New Zealand

Skin Silking Mitt

Absolutely love my mitt which I use weekly. Each time I use it I’m amazed just how much dead skin comes off. Love how silky soft my skin is afterwards. Received excellent service from the company which I highly recommend.

Helena S.
Sweden Sweden

Best buy ever!

Absolutely the best mitt I have ever used. In only three weeks my skin has gone from gloomy to glowing!

Joanne B.
United States United States

Original Skin Silking Mitt

Wow! Wow! Wow! My skin is nearly acne free on my problem areas (chin...) And I do it once a week as I was directed by the owner. I’m off antibiotics which were tearing up my stomach. I am beyond thrilled! Will definitely buy again....

Rachel W.
Australia Australia

Does what is says

I’ve enjoyed using the Silk Mitt. It really does clean of the dead skin and my skin feels nice and smooth after.

carol T.
Australia Australia

Cystic acne sufferer

If anyone out there feels hopelessly trapped in a cycle of prescription drugs for cystic acne and years of skin peels,dermabrasion,herbal treatments,I urge you to try the original skin silking mitt. I am 48 years old and have spent the better part of 25 years battling this condition right up till now. With in the first week I had a noticeable change in my completion and less acne. Now after a few months of use my pores look smaller and complexion looks healthier and rarely get a pimple which is not cystic,just normal if I do. Amazing product!!!!!!

Louise B.
Australia Australia


I bought this due to online reviews, and it is amazing!! My skin has never been softer and I love you can wash it too Have recommended to everyone

Henny E.
Australia Australia

Good and Bad

The delivery took too long, about 6 weeks to arrive. The mitt removes dead skin as promised. I feel the texture is too rough, it’s okay to use for body, not for face.

Ria C.
Germany Germany


Feels really rough, even after several uses. Unfortunately just feels like i spent a lot of money on a standard peeling mitt, nothing special about it.

Debra R.
Australia Australia

Awesome Product

Its amazing to fe

Rachel M.
Australia Australia

Love it!

Simple, gentle and easy to use. Great results straight away and easy to clean. Really glad I purchased this mitt

Anna H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


Bought this as a present for my daughter who looked a little crestfallen as she opened the ‘present’. 3 hours later I received a phone call from the birthday girl to say it was the best present she had ever received!! She exfoliates regularly and wasn’t expecting a brilliant result - luckily for her (and me) the mitt found plenty!!!

Allanah M.
Australia Australia

Love the Skin Silking mitt!

Absolutely love this mitt..I have suffered from very dry skin for many years along with the dreaded ‘chicken skin’ Keratosis pilaris which always gets worse in Winter.. I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my skin with both conditions since using the mitt weekly and moisturising after use... added bonus is I rarely have to use cortisone creams to combat the itching from both! And I love supporting a small Australian business. Congratulations Jessica, and thanks for providing such a great product