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The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt
The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt
The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt
The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt
The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt
The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt
The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt
The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt
The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt
The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt

The Original Skin Silking™ Mitt


Download full instructions here.

Our bestseller! The 'Holy Grail' exfoliator that balls up dead skin before your very eyes!

The Skin Silking Mitt is like nothing else you've ever tried before!

Made from natural fibers, our exfoliating mitt is made using tradition methods in Turkey. 

The highly unique weave of these fibers create a woven texture that literally 'catches' dead skin - you can actually see tiny balls of dead skin and impurities gather on the skin's surface before your eyes.

After your first use, what is left is quite literally the most velvet soft and super glowy skin ever.

There are varying qualities of these traditional mitts, and we insisted on using the highest grade fabric possible (there are lower quality versions, but this one works the BEST!). 

Note: It is not recommended to use this mitt on active acne/breakouts, it is important to treat the underlying skin issue first with a professional.

This mitt will easily last you 18 months - a great investment!

We will include in your shipment full instructions on how best to use it, which only takes 10-15 minutes, and can be done once a week.

STEP 1: Prep!

Start with a 5 minute hot shower (or hot bath). This is essential, as it softens the skin and allows for much deeper exfoliation. Turn the shower off, leaving the skin wet.

STEP 2: Start Skin Silking!

Wet the mitt and wring out any excess moisture. Put the mitt onto your hand. Using firm pressure (but not enough to be uncomfortable) rub the mitt up and down then from side to side (but never in the circles). Long, firm strokes are best. Ensure the skin remains damp during your treatment. Once exfoliation begins, you may see tiny rolls of dead skin balling up. Do not wash these off as you go, as allowing them to build up encourages more to come away. Complete the entire body and face in up and down / side to side motions. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with your favourite moisturiser or body oil. Repeat once weekly. Hand wash mitt after use with natural soap and hang to dry.



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Cecelia S.
Australia Australia
Perfect fake tan prep

I used to spend close to an hour buffing off old fake tan with an exfoliator, but since switching to the skin silking mitt, I’m literally out of the shower within minutes. It also extends the life of my fake tan by a couple of days. Wish I’d discovered this earlier!

Shristi K.
Australia Australia
Love it

I love how it peels off dead skins so effortlessly.

Oindrila P.
Australia Australia
Scrub satisfaction

Takes off the filth you never knew you had living on your skin..

Dominique .
Australia Australia
I’ve never felt so clean!

Doesn’t compare to any other exfoliador I’ve tried. I will never use anything else. My skin is so soft!

Australia Australia

I have always had problems with dry skin and over exfoliating with store bought exfoliation scrubs. This silking mit is amazing ! Left my skin smooth and glowing and visibility reduced the size of the pores on the my face! Would 100% recommend.

Luvini S.
Australia Australia
Wonder Mitt

I love my mitt. It actually works. Thanks so much

karmen f.
Australia Australia
Great product

Easily best product to recommend as it works above expectations and you will not be dissapointed

Helena H.
Australia Australia

I absolutely love this product, my skin has totally improve since using it.

Jitarah C.
Australia Australia

Been using this mitt for the last few weeks and I absolutely love it. It does exactly what it's designed to do. It can feel a little uncomfortable at first but then its fine after a bit. I would love if there was a smaller mitt available to use on the face and neck area as it can be a little annoying to use the big mitt but other than that it's a great product! Worth every cent.

Kayte M.
Australia Australia
It lives up to the hype

I bought this on impulse, with no research apart from looking at the reviews, but can tell you that it lives up to the hype. After the first use I could tell a difference, but after 3-4 uses it was a significant difference. The first time was a bit scratchy, and felt like a really strong exfoliate. But using it for the next few times did not feel as scratchy and just feels like a gentle rub. I've already recommended it to friends and family!

Renay W.
Australia Australia
Does exactly what it claims!

I was pleasantly surprised by how good this mitt actually is! It exfoliated better than any other product I have used (and I've tried them all). Worked great for ingrown hairs on my shins and made the rest of my skin feel amazing and glowing. I look forward to using it each week. thank you!

Dawee N.
Australia Australia
Amazing !

Wasn’t sure what to expect but this is great!!! Silky smooth baby skin results! I would recommend going easy with it the first time. I got a little too mitt happy and has redness haha my bad. But it felt amazing after !

Kanchan S.
Australia Australia

Don't bother using other exfoliating products. This is now my go to exfoliator and I intend to purchase more for the rest of my family.

Michelle D.
Australia Australia
Don't hesitate to purchase

I love it! I use once a week after cleansing in the shower. I go all over the body and focus on my elbows and the backs of my legs. I use gently on my jaw line (lots of little bumps) and it feels amazing. I dont do the whole face yet as I have super sensitive skin due to rosacea active at the moment. It's nice not to have to purchase products that go down the drain just to get the result of this mitt. After a good moisturiser, my skin continutes to feel amazing all week.

Anh H.
Australia Australia

The mitt doesn’t work as advertised, attempted to use it different ways but still doesn’t work. The mitt have a funky smell and so rough on my skin. Wouldn’t recommend, very disappointed, would like a refund for my purchase.

Lucinda S.
Australia Australia

I genuinely did not expect this mitt to be this good. I’ve used multiple tan removers and mitts before that usually end up scratching my skin and not removing all my fake tan. I didn’t have to use any product with this mitt at all, and my tan effortlessly came off. I couldn’t believe it. Even though I was pale after scrubbing my tan off my Mum said my skin was glowing. This is the best investment I’ve made in a really long time!

jessika b.
Australia Australia
amazing product

fantastic mitt! super fast postage. Best ive used, lives my skin silky smooth.

Sarah C.
Australia Australia
No customer service

Customer service was non existent with this company never replied to me after I asked when they were going to send my item. Month after purchase I got a notification it had just left and was on its way. Item is good but I doubt I would buy from them again because of They’re no communication and slow handling times.

Camilla D.
Australia Australia
Best exfoliation

Definitely won’t be using anything else now that I’ve gotten this mitt. I was a bit skeptical but I’ve never used anything else that got rid of dead skin the way this did!!

Chelsea L.
Australia Australia
Sooo good

The thing I hate most about fake tanning is the 30 minutes of exfoliating. This mit wiped off a week old tan (usually so hard to get off leaving me red raw and patchy) just by passing up and down over the skin a few times. It’s amazing! And the quality of my skin has improved too. Glowing, smooth, no breakouts anywhere. Love it!